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Stretching boundaries at Greenhouse and The Conservatory

At the heart of our Group Executive Chef Peter Tempelhoff’s food philosophy lies the continuous exploration and reimagination of South African food. For him it is all about stretching boundaries and lending distinctive, memorable personalities to each of The Collection’s restaurants, without over complicating matters in the process – if an ingredient is not fresh, local and seasonal, you won’t find it on the menu.

Each restaurant is unique as the food is influenced by the individual Head Chefs, with Peter taking their personal vision into account before creating the menu in a joint collaboration. As a result, our guests are able to enjoy exceptional culinary experiences at each hotel – be it The Cellars-Hohenort’s African fables-inspired menu at Greenhouse or firm favourites at The Conservatory; vibrant dishes at Origins at The Marine; or fresh creations at Seafood at The Plettenberg.

At The Cellars-Hohenort, Peter works closely with Head Chefs Ashley Moss of Greenhouse and Paul Nash of The Conservatory. Greenhouse, The Collection’s award-winning flagship restaurant, is renowned as one of Cape Town’s top dining destinations. Focusing on unique flavours, plating precision and world-class service in a brilliantly designed space, the restaurant’s 11-course ‘Experience’ menu epitomise the concept of ‘dinner theatre’. Each course is treated as an event, whether it is simply pouring a sauce into a limpet shell or making langoustine tea in a beaker over a tea light at the table. Understanding the importance of local culture as the guiding hand of each dish, Head Chef Ashley Moss has helped create what Peter describes as ‘the ultimate African dining experience’ – thus positioning Greenhouse as one of the Top 10 Restaurants in the country.

At The Conservatory meanwhile guests may expect an eclectic, light and abundant menu, featuring uncomplicated yet perfectly executed food served in the most idyllic garden setting. Head Chef Paul Nash adds a special lightness to dishes such as Boland Cheese Soufflé with Cheesy Gin Sauce or Cape Malay rubbed line fish, which work in perfect harmony with the natural setting. Both restaurants incorporate fresh produce picked from our very own gardens whenever possible, including Peter’s personal star ingredient – local fynbos.

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